Three strong recordings show what can be accomplished by a singer and her acoustic-based band. Of course, it sure helps to be blessed with a great voice, and Fry definitely has that, expertly delivering songs with heart that connect with the listener. “My California” is a winner in which Fry paints a picture of her rural, small-town California upbringing “where you can’t see the city lights.” Her voice shows real finesse on “More to Lose” as it rides a series of minor chords and expert playing and producing, including especially rich and supple drums. Fry’s humanist plea on “One Foot at a Time” expresses uncommon understanding and empathy at a time when we could all use more of both. ” - Music Connection Magazine

Below: Watch the live video interview with Katie Fry as featured artist on Indie Music Plus. She comes in at the 5:50 mark!