Welcome to my blog 'Murals & Music'. Thank you all for supporting local music and art and for joining me on my musical adventure. I'll be working on a project called 'Murals & Music' creating live video performances and highlighting my original songs as well as beautiful local wall mural art. Scroll down to read blog and view video.

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Butterfly Mural: Pacific Grove, CA 

Yesterday I recorded an original song called ‘Falling Leaf’ just outside of Aquinos Birrieria a delicious Mexican restaurant in Pacific Grove, featuring a wall mural of beautiful butterflies. Then I took a trip down 17 mile drive and stopped at Moss Beach. I'm on a long weekend trip in the Monterey area with the family. It's so beautiful here, the foggy, cool air is a nice contrast to the hot temperature at home. Tomorrow evening I'll be playing music at a 'Tastings & Tunes' event at Puma Road at Portola Plaza in Monterey. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy!

Mural: Butterflies in Pacific Grove, CA

Song: Falling Leaf by Katie Fry

Native Floras & Patterns - Roseville, CA 

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my blog. Here is my first Murals & Music entry. My guitar was a bit out of tune (the cars and motorcycles going by were loud) but it was not bad for my first try. I set up my laptop on the ground and recorded, with my cell phone taking video from a tripod stand. To people walking by, my music was delivered to their ears with a natural acoustic sound, I did not have any amplification. Hope to bring you more fun videos this summer, thanks again for listening.

Mural: Native Floras & Patterns by Madelyne Joan Templeton in Downtown Roseville, CA

Song: This Is Real by Katie Fry