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"Three strong recordings show what can be accomplished by a singer and her acoustic-based band..." - Music Connection Magazine


"A little bit of country, a dash of melody, a sprinkle of harmony, a voice smooth like honey, and you got Katie Fry. I enjoyed listening to her song “Day after Day” quite a lot actually, and the overall representation of the music resonated with me. Firstly, Katie’s voice has a consistent tone, and she is able to sway it with the instruments as it moves in a country music style pattern. The drums accompanying the melodies had a slow tempo that fits just right. Oh and the sliding guitar? Absolutely marvelous!" - Illustrate Magazine


"There is a real sense of earnesty and rawness to Katie’s sound and her vocals on the track, that really draws out the authenticity of the emotion throughout the track. Country tends to live and die on the personality and charisma of its artists and on ‘Day After Day’ there is a charm that rings throughout the track, and has you hanging on Katie’s every word and believing everything she says. The instrumentation has a classic, understated feel to it, written on the artist’s 100 year old piano and produced with guitar and pedal steel, adding to this feeling of authenticity and realness. There are no bells and whistles here, or smoke and mirrors to distract from the performance, just a lush, endearing love song that showcases the quiet power of the artist’s sound." - CLOUT


"A Northern California Singer-Songwriter whose Odyssey includes a love of The Beatles, her father’s record collection and draws inspiration from her burnt-down childhood home for ‘My California’" - Playlist Odyssey


" 'More to Lose' – a song with indie pop flair, involving a full band of piano, acoustic, drums, bass and strings. Fry’s style reminds me a bit of the mid-90s singer/songwriters who mixed genres together behind a piano/guitar."  - Pitch Perfect


"Her songs are thus almost an audio autobiography, one you can cry, rejoice with and dance to." - Evolve Music


"Following loss, WHS alumnus Katie Fry rediscovers her voice" -Winters Express


"About 8 p.m., beer bottles began clanking in the darkened room as 25 people settled in for a night of folk music. Jane opened with a 45-minute solo set that put out a Jenny Lewis-like folk-rock sound on piano and guitar."  - Sacramento Press


"Rocklin songwriter and musician Katie Fry pays tribute to Northern California" - Roseville Today


"...filled with beautiful sound, striking emotion and impressive skills." - Upstream Indie


"Her Americana charm and captivating soprano voice is what makes her music stand out." - FABUtainment